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My résumé

About me

With a geology background, I have always been interested in water topics, particularly water supply in arid areas. So I decided to reorient my career towards hydrology and hydrogeology.

M. Eng Hydrology

The main specialization training was a M. Eng studied at the
Center for Hydrographic Studies of the CEDEX, the public research center shared by the Spanish ministries of Environment and Public Works.
This course allowed me acquire a broad while deep view on the main topics of hydrology and hydrogeology, and become familiar with several mathematical models and computer tools frequently used in these disciplines, such as

Other specialization courses

Early after graduation, I became interested in studying postgraduate courses abroad. I took two specialized courses in the UK as a complement to the hydrology basis provided by the M.Eng.

Water Pollution Control, studied at the University of Hertfordshire, provided me with a deep insight on scientific, technical and administrative aspects of water quality and water treatment.

Environmental Engineering for Developing Countries, took at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, greatly helped me approach and understand those topics associated to cooperation for development, including water supply, sanitation, technical, social and economic sides of environmentalism, etc. 

Digital Mapping and Remote Sensing helped me get familiar with broadly used GIS tools and systems, mainly ArcView, ArcInfo and Surfer.

One of the most interesting points of all these courses is that they brought me in touch with water resources professionals (civil engineers, geologists, geographers, environmentalists, etc) from Spain, the UK and many places all over the world, which opened a door to understanding the major problems associated with water resources in this part of the world. 

Recent employment

I have recently worked at the
Korea Pavilion at Expo Zaragoza 2008, where I have been in charge of coordinating the RAMS (River Analysis and Modeling System) presentation, developed by several university departments, led by the Seoul National University's Environmental Hydraulics Engineering Laboratory and the engineering consultancy Websolus, and presented at the Water Tribune.


I have had a passion for languages and hieroglyphs since my early childhood. Learning Korean and traditional Chinese started as a hobby. It also became a basis for approaching other Asian languages (Mandarin and Japanese), which I currently study, paying special attention to the ethimological roots of technical and scientific vocabulary related to my fields of interest.

Prospects and interests

Professionally, I would like to focus on the fields of Hydrology (particulary hydrologic modeling and simulation systems applied to Integrated Watershed Management), Hydrogeology and Cooperation for Development projects related to water supply and sanitation in developing areas. 

I would like my professional activity to become a small contribution to addressing water management problems, in close relationship with poverty reduction and sustainable development, and also spreading the message in order to 1) helping raise public awareness on the importance of these topics, 2) encouraging people to work and research in these areas, investors to pay attention to development projects, etc . To this purpose I would like to dedicate my technical, writing and creative skills.
I dedicate some of my free time to expressing thoughts and feelings (often related to or inspired by water issues and other social problems) by means of: writing, drawing, photography, video and the combination of all the above.

I will highly appreciate information on your public or private projects related to integrated watershed management in particular, and water and environmental problems in general, as well as cooperation for development projects in a broad sense.

All comments and suggestions about
Hydrogeoville or the topics it deals with will be very welcome.

Best regards,

Luis A. de los Frailes Álvaro

Por Luis A.F. (luicado1234@yahoo.es) - November 4th, 2008, 21:19, Category: 70.My profile and links
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